Episode 406 (26:43)
Halloween Match-Play Madness ‘16
(10.23.16) George Wendt christens The GolfKon Bar with a beer and some conversation to celebrate the over $8000 we've raised so far for multiple charities! The tournament comes down to the final hole in what is easily the most entertaining GolfKon video this year. Enjoy.

Episode 401 - Super Bowl Invitational '16 (16:27)
(02.07.16) A new season is upon us and that means a clean slate for our top players. See who takes the first major of 2016 and becomes the player everyone's gunning for! Streaks will end and new ones will begin... welcome to Year 4!
Episode 402 - March Match-Play Madness ‘16 (24:20)
(03.26.16) The premiere of The SuperTee for Planet GolfKon Hole 4 introduces an element to GolfKon that changes everything. Watch the most competitive 8-Player Bracket we've ever had and the biggest pressure shots imaginable!
Episode 403 - Memorial Tournament ‘16 (39:51)
(05.30.16) A GolfKon first (and last) full 18 hole commentating for the entirety of the finals! If you love golf and the slow deliberate rhythm therein: THIS IS YOUR VIDEO. If you want just the "best of", probably best to move on. However, this houses some of the best moments in GolfKon Tournament play!
Episode 404 - Independence Championship ‘16 (26:57)
(07.04.16) The Home Game Enterprizes crew supplies commentary to the edited finals in the best video to date! Only the most intriguing and captivating moments with, bar none, the greatest ending we've ever had at GolfKon. If you can only watch one episode of GolfKon, this is the one.
Episode 405 - Labor Day Anniversary Open ‘16 (33:58)
(09.05.16) Golf Hard Hole 9 makes it's first appearence marking the second Zero Shot and forces players to do BOTH zero shots during the grueling 4 round finals. One of the closest Majors we've ever had and the perfect way to end the major season.
Episode 406 - Halloween Match-Play Madness ‘16 (26:43)
(10.23.16) George Wendt christens The GolfKon Bar with a beer and some conversation to celebrate the over $8000 we've raised so far for multiple charities! The tournament comes down to the final hole in what is easily the most entertaining GolfKon video this year. Enjoy.


Episode 301 - Superbowl Invitational ‘15 (18:58)
(02.01.15) The new season of GolfKon begins with a different points champion: Matt Lendach. Watch all the top players compete in the first major of the year with an ending you simply won’t believe!
Episode 302 - March Match-Play Madness ‘15 (22:57)
(03.28.15) Mayor Goldie Wilson helps kick-off’s first fully sponsored event! With a finish that will have you guessing until the very end, GolfKon proves once again, it is not to be taken lightly.
Episode 303 - Memorial Tournament ‘15 (27:13)
(05.25.15) Every now and then a tournament is so incredible, it’s difficult to write a description. This is that tournament. Full interviews during the qualifying make their debut at GolfKon and a new bar for shock is raised. A must-watch.
Episode 304 - Independence Championship ‘15 (27:50)
(07.04.15) Ann Ryerson who played Grace in Caddyshack is on hand to christen our 2nd themed hole: The Gopher Hole 6! The Finals is the closest to date with a nail-biting finish that is one for the ages.
Episode 305 - Labor Day Anniversary Open ‘15 (26:57)
(09.07.15) The final major of the year sees the most construction ever done between events at GolfKon: The GolfKon Bar (and surrounding bars) as well as a massive trellace... oh and there's also the best 2-man race for a 36-hole finals we've ever seen. Enjoy.
Episode 306 - Halloween Match-Play Madness ‘15 (15:23)
(10.25.15) We finish off GolfKon's 3rd season with an exhausted host who barely remembered to record the qualifying rounds thanks to's busiest month. The tournament bracket however is another epic battle.


2014 Teaser - Heirs to the Throne (2:59)
(02.01.14) Spotlighting the players with the best chance to dethrone Adam, this teaser highlights last season and previews 2014.
Episode 201 - Super Bowl Invitational ‘14 (15:46)
(02.02.14) A record 72 rounds of golf kicked off the new season and what amazing rounds they were. When a (-4) is 7th place? You know you’re in a real tournament.
Episode 202 - March Match-Play Madness ‘14 (29:18)
(03.29.14) GolfKon finally gets business sponsors and a charity attached raising $778 thanks to over 100 rounds of golf! Easily the most intense tournament we’ve ever held with breathtaking shots at every turn.
Episode 203 - Memorial Tournament ‘14 (28:37)
(05.26.14) The Delorean Time Machine finds a home at GolfKon as CBS covers Claudia Wells and Don Fullilove dedicating the “Golf to the Future” Hole. Raising over $1500 for charity highlighted this incredible day ending with the closest Finals in GolfKon history.
Episode 204 - Independence Championship ‘14 (29:23)
(07.05.14) A Hole 2 dedication for Nick Kontras who passed away from a rare form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2011 was the backdrop for a beautiful summer tounament. As well, Bedford & Watts became the offical announcers for GolfKon in hilarious fashion.
Episode 205 - Labor Day Anniversary Open ‘14 (15:54)
(09.01.14) The final Major of 2014 sees four players with a shot at the Points Championship as well as the dedication of “The Wheel of Fish” by Gedde Watanabe and David Bowe. And to top it off, the final four has a record-breaking performance that is a must-see.
Episode 206 - Halloween Match-Play Madness ‘14 (11:41)
(10.25.14) Incredibly only 5 points separate points leader Matt Lendach (600) and 2nd place Adam Kontras (595) meaning whomever advances further in the final tournament it the 2014 Points Champion. Can’t ask for anythng more than that...


Episode 101 - Super Bowl Invitational ‘13 (1:45)
(02.03.13) NOT A REAL EPISODE... but had to be included. Just some iPhone video and pictures of our first event. Had no idea it would get so big.
Episode 102 - Memorial Tournament ‘13 (14:51)
(05.27.13) This was the tournament that changed everything. Huge turnout that prompted me to focus on charities and make a professional episode.
Episode 103 - Independence Championship ‘13 (9:47)
(07.04.13) A record-setting tournament for one player and a lot of head shaking for everyone else.
Episode 104 - Labor Day Anniversary Open ‘13 (14:55)
(09.05.13) Multiple eagles, multiple meltdowns and an epic 36-hole night-time final that saw four players give everything they had in sweltering heat.
Episode 105 - Halloween Match-Play Madness ‘13 (18:57)
(10.26.13) Our first Match-Play event provided an incredible end to the season as mandatory costumes made the bracket quite colorful.


MAKING OF (2012)
Episode 001 - Mini-Detour (5:45)
(07.25.12) While building a deck to house his precious 30 year old Foosball table Adam figured while he was at it? He'd at least lay some of the groundwork for a future mini-golf hole. Yes, one hole.
Episode 002 - Introducing GolfKon (2:29)
(07.27.12) After 10 days of work, Adam added two tee-boxes for three separate shots, made a final video and he was done. Mhmm.
Episode 003 - Talking Construction (1:59)
(08.23.12) A month later, needing to cover an eye-sore of a 40 foot pipe to his guesthouse, Adam felt a new deck and 3 more holes was the logical solution.
Episode 004 - Making it Six (4:13)
(08.31.12) Trying to meet a Labor Day party deadline, Adam pushes his bodyto the limits with 18 hour days, lots of coffee and discovers the magic of anti-inflammatories.
Episode 005 - Labor Deadline (1:31)
(09.02.12) At 4pm after 54 hours of work in a 72-hour time frame (including pushing the course to nine holes with added tees), GolfKon was open to the public. Thankfully Steven Rodriguez took some video with his iPhone.
Episode 006 - The Zen of Work (2:02)
(09.09.12) When asked why he did so much work by himself for a made-up deadline? He responded with this video which gives a final look at the construction of GolfKon.